Monday, August 10, 2009

Break in

After dinner, Zach, Zayd, Paul and I were sitting around the table when Paul said:

Paul: Zach? Why did you tell Evan that someone was trying to break into the house last night?

Oh yeah! I remember this middle-of-the-night conversation vaguely now. Evan came into our room convinced someone was trying to break into the house. Evan is a worrier. To tell Evan something like this is a clear attempt to torment him.

Zach: What?

Zach's standard answer when he has been caught doing something he shouldn't have done.

Evan walks in and buys Zach some time to figure out how he will answer.

Evan: My knee is killing me! I banged it against a tree today at the park.

Me: Well, go and put it up on the recliner.

Paul: Go...go! Yah-la (Arabic for - "go... go!")

Then Ethan walks in from outside. Holding his action pack.. as usual.

Paul: You'd BETTER have to go to the bathroom.

Ethan: I don't!

Zach: Do you have swimmer's itch or something?

Paul: Yeah - you need to take off your swimsuit. And wash your hands too.

Ethan starts touching Zach instead.

Zach: Get away from me!

Ethan now holds his hands over his mouth.

Me: Ethan! Seriously - wash your hands. Don't be gross.

He hops away...

Me: Okay... let's get back to our conversation...

Zach: What?

Me: Why did you tell Evan last night that someone was breaking into the house?

Zach: I saw someone.

Paul: You saw someone trying to break in.

Zach: Well... I saw someone run from the area of our front door.

Me: And Evan said you heard someone loudly jiggling our lock. You heard that?

Zach: Well... I heard something from downstairs.

Me: So, you heard someone jiggling our lock, and you saw someone run away from the area of our front door... and you didn't come to tell us? So we can assume if someone is breaking into our house, and you know about it, you aren't going to let us know.

Zayd: (snorts and laughs) Wow. Wow Zach.

Me: Yeah - no kidding. Wow.

Zach: Well, I'm afraid to wake you guys up - it's kinda spooky. If I come close you jump up.

Me: Because you are waking me up from a sleep - of course I'll get startled sometimes.

Zach: Yeah, but it's scary. You're scary.

Me: Okay, so tonight, I'll wait until you are asleep and I'll quietly walk to your bed and tap you on the shoulder and put my face in front of your face... and we'll see how you react.

Zach: No! Why are you saying that?

Me: Because you are teasing me.

Paul: Don't Zach. Don't tease your mom today. That is a really bad idea. Really bad. He smirks at me.

Me: What?!

Paul: So, let's not be tormenting your brother anymore - okay?

Zach: Fine. But I did see something.

Me: And let's try to think about letting your parents know if something is going wrong. What did you think Evan was going to do about it?

Zach: Tell you.

Yeah. I guess he did.

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