Thursday, August 27, 2009

School: Day two

I picked up the two little boys from the after school program. We get a few feet from the car when Ethan announces:

Ethan: Uh... mom? I kinda pinched a girl today.

Me: Huh?

Ethan: It wasn't bad! I didn't punch her or anything. I could have punched her - but I just pinched her.

Me: What do you mean you didn't punch her?

Ethan: She said it was okay! She saided it didn't hurted her! She didn't cry!

Me: When did you pinch a girl?

Ethan: On the bus.

Me: Ethan. (sigh)

Ethan: She just bleeded a little bit.


Ethan: But promise its okay, right? Promise you are okay?

Me: No. No. I am not okay with this. It is not okay to pinch people - OR punch people.

Ethan: NO!!! Promise you are okay!

Me: I said no. I am not okay. This is not okay Ethan.


Me: ETHAN. Ethan. No. The answer is no. This is NOT okay. Listen. Stop. Quiet.

Ethan: (whines)

Me: Ethan. Did you get in trouble?


Me: Ethan? Did you get in trouble with the bus driver?


Ethan: Welll... I guess - I know I was in trouble. The bus driver wrote me up.


Me: It is the second day of school and you have already been written up on the bus.

Ethan: You are okay. Promise!

Me: (sigh) Just sit down and let's get home.

After a few minutes I ask him:

Me: Why would you pinch a girl?

Ethan: Someone was bod-ering Zayd.

Me: What does this have to do with Zayd?

Zayd snort laughs

Ethan: Someone was spitting on Zayd!

Me: Someone was spitting on Zayd so you pinched a girl.

Ethan: Yes!


Me: Zayd? Can you explain please?

Zayd: Welll... (pause followed by long sigh). A girl spit at me. But not the girl he pinched. The girl sitting next to her.


Me: So he pinched the wrong girl.


Zayd: (loooong sigh followed by deep breath) Yes.


Me: Ethan. If you are going to protect your brother and go through the trouble of pinching someone - at least pinch the right person.

Zayd: (another snort laugh)

About five minutes BEFORE I picked up the two little boys, I got a call on my cell from boy number 2 - Evan.

Evan: Uh... mom? I really need to talk to you. Are you busy?

Me: Kinda. Can it wait about 15 minutes. I am on my way home.

Evan: Oh. Yeah. Okay. But as soon as you get home I need to talk to you.

After my "pinching conversation" I get home and am cornered by Evan.

Evan: I need to tell you something. (pause) It isn't bad!

Me: It's okay. Tell me.

Evan: Well... the bus was really hot today so I decided to get off at a different stop and walk home. Just at the entrance of Prairiewood (about a 1/2 mile walk)

Me: Okay.

Evan: So... Zach rode the bus the whole way home and he didn't have the garage door opener and he had to sit and wait for me.

Me: Oookayyy.


Evan: So... he was mad that he had to wait for me.

Me: Okay. (pause). So?

Evan: So... I think he is going to hurt me.

Me: (sigh) He is not going to hurt you.


Me: Well... maybe he will try to hurt you. But don't worry.

Evan: Should I not have done it?

Me: Well - you should probably stick together on the way home, okay? So if he doesn't get off the bus, you shouldn't either.

Evan: Okay. Sorry.

Me: That's okay. Don't worry about it.

No more than 30 seconds after Evan walks away, ZACH corners me.

Zach: Do you know what Evan did? (He is obviously NOT happy).

Me: Yes. I heard.

Zach: Oh. Yeah. Right. You heard. You heard what HE said he did.

Me: (sigh) Okay. Tell me what he did.

Zach: He wanted to get off the bus. I told him I didn't think it was a good idea. He kept asking and I finally said, "No. You can't get off the bus." He did anyways. Because his friend Mason and Skyler and this one girl were getting off.

Me: Which girl?

Zach: I don't know. Some girl.

Me: (sigh) Okay.

Zach: So I get home and he's not there. I can't get into the house, I don't have my cell (it was taken away from him - that's another story for another day) and I have NO idea where he is.

Me: Well he was walking home.

Zach: No. No. He didn't walk right home. He went to Mason's house to hang out. I sat on the step for 25 minutes before he showed up.

Me: (sigh) Okay. Thanks for telling me. We'll talk to him tonight.

Zach: Good. By the way. We got our planners today for school.

Me: Yes?

Zach: They are very small. Just itty bitty little things.

Me: Okay.

Zach: They are kinda weird.


Zach: I'm just saying.


Me: Okayyy. Sooo... how do you feel about that.

pause - Zach stares at me for a moment

Zach: What's going on here?

Me: Huh?

Zach: What are you doing? Are you like being Dr. Phil or something?

Me: What?

Zach: "Soooo... How do you feeeel about that?"

Me: I guess I just wasn't sure how to respond to the fact that your planner is small.

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