Sunday, August 30, 2009

The game continues

This posting is a continuation of the previous posting...

About 10 minutes after I went downstairs to prepare for someone to get hurt playing the "wagon game"...

Paul: Someone is on the ground

Me: Of course they are.

Paul: Evan is laying on the ground.

I look out the back window and see Evan face down on the ground, Zayd squatting next to him (but not too close), and Ethan just about laying on the ground with him - obviously the one attending to him. Ethan puts his head on the ground, then he comes up again, then he touches his head... actually it was kinda cute.

Then the warm fuzzy moment ended.

Zayd springs to his feet and runs for dear life towards the sunroom door with Evan chasing him. Zayd is screaming all the way, "Oh my God! He's going to kill meeeee!"

Zayd: (upon entering the house). Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Lock all the doors! Lock themmmm!

He slams the sliding door shut and locks it just as Evan gets to it.

They look at each other through the glass - Evan giving him a menacing look and Zayd continuing to scream at the top of his lungs.

Zayd: Lock all the dooorrrrrs!

He races for the front door. I see Evan disappear around the house.

I can hear Zayd lock the front door (all the while screaming, I'll have you know)... Then he shrieks, "Oh my God! The garage door! I forgot the garage door!!!!"

He runs to the mudroom door and just as he reaches it, Evan does too. Zayd tries to hold the door closed but Evan pushes through. Zayd (still screaming) runs towards me and uses me as his shield. Ethan follows Evan into the house.

I just want to unload the dishwasher.

Zayd: Moooooommmm!!! He's going to killll meeee! He said he's going to killll meeeee!

Me: (loud enough to be heard over Zayd's screams) Okayyy! Everyone! STOP! STOP!


Me: No one is going to kill anyone.

Evan begins to laugh.

Evan: I was just kidding him - I was just trying to scare him.

Me: Okay. Why?

Zayd: He TOLD ME to run over him with the wagon! So I did. And THEN he told me he was going to hurt meee!

Me: Okay, settle down. What? Evan? You TOLD him to run over you with the wagon? Was anyone in the wagon?

Evan: Oh no! I just told him to run over me.

Me: Why?

Evan: So I could pretend to get hurt and pretend to get mad at him and scare him.


Ethan: Oh my goodness. (sigh) I wish-ded I had a camera! I should'a got this on a movie. (sigh). Oh my goodness.

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