Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today I was taking a nap when Ethan walked in:

Ethan: (whispers) Mom. (loud whisper) Mom.

I was ignoring him, hoping he'd give up.

Ethan: Mom!

No such luck.

Me: What!

Ethan: Mom? Is it okay if I drink hot chocolate in the basement?

Me: No.

Ethan: Why?!

Me: Because you leave your cups down there and it is a mess.

Ethan: But Zayd is!

Me: Then Zayd is in trouble.

Ethan: Will you tell him?

Me: No. I am sleeping.


Ethan: Mom?

Me: (groan) What?

Ethan: Is it okay? I am already drinking hot chocolate in the basement.

Me: (groan)

Ethan: I promise I won't spill it! I promise, I promise! I won't spill any.


Ethan: Mom?

Me: Whatttt.

Ethan: Well. Is it okay if I spilled a little?

Me: (groan)

Ethan: It's just a little dot. Just a teeny dot. You can't even see it. Okay? Okay mom?


Me: I'm sleeping.

Ethan: Okay mom! Thanks mom!

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