Thursday, January 7, 2010

Man Burp

Paul and I are veggin' out, watching Texas and Bama...

When out from the kitchen comes the loudest, longest, most manly belch either of us have heard in a while.

We both look in the direction of the kitchen. Then look at each other.

Paul: Who was that?!

Me: Oh my God!


Me: Zach?

Paul looks at the kitchen again.

Paul: I don't know.

Me: Holy! That was like a man burp!

Paul: Geez... I know.

Me: Maybe Carter? (a friend of Zach's)

Paul: (yells out) Who was that?


Zayd: What. (he says this is a voice that is surprisingly low)

It's Zayd? Nine-year-old Zayd?

Paul: (imitates him for me) Whhhaaaat.

Me: What the? His voice sounds lower.

Paul: I know! (laughing)

Me: Do you think he is hitting puberty early or something?

Paul: God I hope not.

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