Monday, January 25, 2010

Yes. I love Brett.

It's time for me to come clean.

I love Brett Farve. No, really. I have a super huge crush on the guy.

I'm really not a "crush" kinda of girl. I reserve that label for my sister who has had crushes on the following people (in no particular order):

Bob Barker
Brian Sipe
Corey Hart
Michael Jackson
Duran Duran
Shaun Cassidy

Family legend has it that Yaso used to kiss the TV screen when Bob would come on the "Price is Right." Let's give her a little credit. Forty years ago the guy wasn't THAT bad looking.

Shaun Cassidy. Whoa. That was a big one. But, that was a big one for many girls.

Brian Sipe. For those of you outside of the Ohio area - Brian was quarterback for the Browns. She had lots of Brian posters... and she watched all the games.

Corey Hart. Another poster crush.

Michael Jackson. No she did not wear any sequenced gloves to school, but she did sleep with the album when she first got it. Like, the entire album... cover and all. In bed.

Duran Duran... another biggy. But I was older at that time so I don't remember any particularly funny stories about that crush.

I, on the other hand, had no crushes on people I would never meet. I preferred actual face-to-face relationships with people.

Until now.

Until Brett.

I never even noticed the guy when he was with the Packers. I sort of inherited Viking's fan-ship when I married Paul. So after 16 years of watching them, and even going to a handful of games, I learned to not like the Packers.

But then all of a sudden the veil of green and gold was lifted.... and there he was.

Damn. He is cute! Really really cute.

That southern drawl certainly doesn't hurt either.

He looks good in a football uniform. I don't think I noticed his backside when it was covered in gold...

He looks good out of a football uniform in his jeans and a tee.

While I am no football expert - he strikes me as a really good QB. He is fun to watch. He makes football fun to watch.

He likes slapping butts (also a nice touch)... and he has a great smile....

Which, if you hadn't noticed, he flashes a lot while he is playing football. The guy looks like he is having fun. That's appealing to me.

And even after that hard hit he took in last night's game that left him hobbling -- he winced... and then during another play... there he was again... smiling. At that moment, I think I fell in love all over again.

So this year - watching the Vikings was different for me. I had a vested interest.

I was rooting for more than just the Vikings.

I was rooting for the super cute, fun, talented, driven, competitive guy with the nice ass who showed a lot of people that you can still have it going on in your 40s.


  1. I AGREE. Oh, and don't forget about that jawline, which is still defined underneath his stubble (both of which are appealing qualities in my book :) ).

    Thanks for making me smile this Monday morning Najla!

  2. My bride actually giggles when watching him...


    How is a man to compete with giggling?


  3. Chris Dorsey - Long time Packer and Brett Favre fanJanuary 25, 2010 at 9:51 AM

    And ladies and gentlemen...I give you the reason why millions of Packer fans felt like they had their heart ripped out of them when he joined the Vikings.

    I believe it is similar to what going through a divorce would be like. Great guy, great QB minus the bonehead interceptions he tends to throw.

  4. You really need to head on over to my blog today. My mom-in-law hung out with Brett's mom last week -- true story. I could just have a direct "in" for you. Of course, it will cost you. :) I love how you write about these things, and now I'm coming out of the closet: I LOVE Shaun Cassidy!

  5. Roxane! I did read your blog early this morning! AND I WAS BOWLED OVER!!! That is really weird... Amazing. :)

  6. I have not been able to explain how I feel about Brett. Thanks for capturing my exact feelings. :-)