Thursday, January 21, 2010

Face Mask

As I was hunched over my briefcase this morning, rifling through some papers, Ethan excitedly told me about an art project he did in class the day before.

Ethan: Mom! Mom! Mom! I made a face mask in school yesterday!

Me: (Still looking through my papers) Oh! Wow! That's great honey.

Ethan: Mom! Mom! Look at it mom!

Me: (I turn around). Wow! That's... uhm... wow.


Me: That's interesting.

Ethan: It's a BLOODY FACE!


Me: Wow.

Ethan: See the blood all over mom! And he has angry eyebrows... SEE!

Me: Yes. I see that.

Ethan: And my best friend Matt made a bloody face too!

Me: Excellent.


Me: Ethan, maybe we should make something other than a bloody face.

Ethan: (his eyes grow wide) MOM. That's what my teacher said too!

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