Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tummy rubs

Tonight, Ethan read his little books to me: Lucky Goes to Dog School and The Rescue Helicopter.

As I was listening, I started getting one of my tension headaches - right behind the right eye. The only relief is my fist pushed as hard as I can manage into my temple, and either 2 extra strength Exedrin Migraine or at least 3 ibuprofen... if I can get them in me before it becomes full-blown.

Ethan noticed I was resting my head against my fist, and closing my eyes.

Ethan: What's wrong mom?

Me: Oh.. I am just getting a yucky headache.

All of a sudden the headache got really bad.

Me: Ohhhhh.... I feel kinda sick. Let's just stop for a minute.

Ethan: You feel sick? How do you feel sick? You head is sick?

Is my head sick? Well...

Me: No, my head hurts too much and sometimes that makes my tummy feel sick. Like I feel like throwing up.

Ethan: Okay mom. Listen. Listen to me. I am going to rub your tummy now to make your head feel better. Okay? Just close your eyes and I'll rub.

Zayd walks in.

Zayd: What's going on? Why are you rubbing mom's tummy?

Ethan: She has a headache.


Zayd: Ooookaaaayyy. So why are you rubbing mom's tummy? Rub her head.

Ethan: No! She feels sick! I need to rub her tummy.

Zayd: Do you need anything mom?

My head really feels gross now.

Me: Uhm... sure. That would be nice. Would you get me some ibuprofen and a big glass of water please?

Zayd: Okay. Ibuprofen. I don't know what that is, but I'll find it.

He runs out. Ethan is still rubbing by tummy and then, out of the blue, he goes into some sort of lamaze technique.

Ethan: Okay mom. Just breathe. Breathe like this. (He blows loudly out of his mouth. Several times. Slowly).

Ethan: Whooooooooo (breath out).


Ethan: Whooooooooooo


Ethan: I don't hear you breathing mom. You need to breathe.

What in the name... Where did he get this?

Me: Whooooooo (I breathe out).

Ethan: Okay. You keep doing it by yourself. I'm getting tired.


It finally hits me where Ethan got this. When the kids feel sick to their stomach, I always sit with them and tell them to take big deep breaths in through their nose and out through their mouth. For some reason, it helps. 

Ethan: Mom. You aren't breathing again. Whooooooo.

Zayd comes back in the room.

Zayd: Okay. Here is your water. And here is something I think is ibuprofen.

He hands me a bottle of ibuprofen.

Me: Yup - it is.

Zayd: Good. And in case it doesn't work. Here's a backup.

He hands me a bottle of aspirin.

Alright then.

Evan walks in.

Evan: What's going on? Why is Ethan rubbing your tummy?

Zayd: Because mom's head hurts. (He gives his infamous snort laugh).

Evan: Ooookkaaayyyyy.

Evan now takes my hand and holds it.

Evan: Are you going to be okay mom?

Ethan: Shhhhhh! She doesn't feel good! She needs to breathe!

Me: I'm going to be fine. It'll just take a little while for the medicine to kick in and I will feel lots better.
You all are doing a great job of taking care of me.

Awwww! These little men ARE going to do such a great job of taking care of me as I get older.

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  1. Awww...and their wives and kids someday. So good. Boys are good.