Monday, January 4, 2010

Hotness in the frozen tundra

The other day my husband and I went cross-country skiing on the golf course outside of our backyard. It was very very cold. About 24 below zero, give or take a few degrees. I have become excellent at dressing for cold weather, so I was toasty warm during our 40-minute trek across Prairiewood. The trail was great too - the snow was super slick and the trail had just been groomed a few days before...

Paul was skiing in front of me and after about 20 minutes on the trail he stops and turns his head around to talk to me.

Paul: How are you doing?

Me: I'm fine. My eyeballs are freezing though! The wind hurts them. Do tears freeze?

Paul: I don't think so...  Do you want my sunglasses?

Me: No. My face is just a little cold, but I'm good.

He stands there, motionless... still staring at me.

Me: What?

Paul: Nothing. (he raises his eyebrows a few quick times at me).

Me: What!

Paul: Nothing!


Paul: You look good.

omg. Seriously? 

Me: Are you kidding me?!

Paul: What?!

Me: Paul! It is freakin' 24 below zero and you are giving me the look!? Out here!? In the middle of the golf course!

Paul: Well!

Me: Holy!

Paul: Well... I'm making an outdoors woman out of you...


Me: And that's hot?

Paul: Kinda!

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