Sunday, January 17, 2010

Puppy dog tales II

One of my gentle readers asked me about my husband reading my blog -- particularly Puppy Dog Tales. Yes, Paul could read it - but he doesn't read my blog.

Actually, the bigger issue is that my kids read my blog.

So they all found out about my conversation with Paul about getting a Goldendoodle. I reminded them that if they started talking about getting a dog, that would be it. Over, done, no dog.

I know that makes my husband sound harsh - he isn't. It's just that I know my children. They are all Najla clones when it comes to getting what they want. Once we get our teeth into something we want, we do not let go until we get it. Which - is a good thing in many regards. We work hard to achieve, excel, etc... but we can also be a pain in the rump. I want to spare Paul the hell of having five people coming at him 24/7.

Paul wouldn't like that.

Fortunately, the kids and I want a dog badly enough, and know Paul well enough to know we all need to back off in this situation.

It's not that Paul isn't a dog lover. It's just that he focuses on the responsibilities and work that comes with having a dog, rather than balancing that with the fun and companionship of having a dog. I get it. That's why we are perfect for each other! He can focus on the work, and I will focus on the play! It's perfect!

Which is why he was hesitant about getting another dog. The last few years with Ted and Ginger were a lot of work. As time went on, they didn't realize whether they were outside or inside... and there were daily accidents inside. It bothered both of us, but I was more bothered by how the dogs felt, while Paul was more bothered by the resulting mess.

Another gentle reader (I stole that description from a fellow blogger and good friend of mine - Kevin Moberg), encouraged us to consider a rescue dog. I am all for that. In fact, if it were up to me, I'd be at the pound today and I'd come home with three dogs, some cats, and whatever else needed a home.

Problem is, Paul is allergic to cats, and if I came home with all those other animals, he'd leave me. Okay - he wouldn't leave me. But he'd be really angry and I like him too much to make him that angry. Even I know the limits.

Paul is set on a Goldendoodle from a reputable breeder. I tried to nudge him towards the pound over the last week - it is clear that is not going to go anywhere. So - breeder it is. I will just have to feel good knowing that at least one of the pups produced by the breeder will have a good home - and will not end up at the pound.

It looks like the puppies will be born around Feb. 1, which means we would be getting our dog around April. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am!

Even more encouraging was that the other day Paul and I went to see Bauer - A 10-month-old goldendoodle a friend has.


What a beautiful, friendly, and fun-loving dog! He took to Paul right away which I think Paul liked. I wore black sweats and when we got in the car to leave, there wasn't even a strand of dog-hair on them. Paul loved that.

I loved the dog.

In some ways, "Puppy Dog Tales I and II" is a tale of marriage: Compromise, understanding, communication, mutual respect and love. Paul loves me and wants to make me happy. I too love him and want to make him happy. He understands how much I love dogs and how important it is to me that we have one. I understand having a dog isn't that important to him and that he focuses on how a dog is a major responsibility. We talk, we negotiate, we respect each others points of view...

And we get a dog.


  1. Congrats! I am sure that, no matter where your dog comes from, it will have a very loving and active home. Wishing you all the best!