Friday, January 1, 2010

The other man

Boy o' boy, was I in trouble with Ethan tonight.

He was super tired, and so was his cousin Grayson... so my sister and I came upstairs to put them to bed.
I told Ethan to put on his jams and to come into my room when he was done. I then proceeded to go to my bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.

I came out of the bathroom and no Ethan. I walked into his bedroom and no Ethan. I poke my head into the room Yaso is staying in with the kids and called out for Ethan. I don't see anyone. I called out for him a few times... then began to head down the stairs to look for him when I heard:

Grayson: Chiiiinnnnnoooooo! Chinnnnoooooo! I'm here!

I turned around and came back up the stairs.

Me: Ethan? Grayson?

Grayson: I'm herrrrrrreeee!

Me: Whose here?

Grayson: It's meeee Chinnnooooo!

I look around and finally find the source. Grayson is in his bed, smiling at me.

Me: Grayson! I didn't see you there!

Grayson: (giggles)

I walk in and snuggle next to him.

Me: Where is Ethan?

Grayson: I don't know Chino.

Me: Hmmmm.... (pause). Do you still love Fargo?

Grayson: Yes. (giggle).

Me: Hmmmmm.... Do you want to stay in Fargo?

Grayson: Actually... I need to go home because I miss Rudy (their black lab).

Me: Oh. Of course. But do you want to come back to Fargo again?

Grayson: Actually... I need to go home because it is my mom's birthday and then my birthday.

His mother's birthday is in April and his is in May.

Me: Oh yes. You don't want to miss that.

Grayson: But I want you to come to my birthday.

Me: Oh - we really want to come to your birthday like we did last year. We had so much fun at your house in Florida last year.

He nods in agreement.

I start tickling and kissing him and out of the corner of my eye... I see him.


He is standing at the doorway with his lower lip sticking out far enough for a bird to poop on it.

Uh oh.

Me: Ethan! Where were you!? I was waiting for your to get dressed and I couldn't find you!

He continues staring at me, lower lip still sticking out.

Me: Ethan. Really. I was all ready to put you to bed and you weren't in my room. I looked for you all over and I couldn't find you. Go put on your jams so I can put you to bed.

Ethan: (grunts. Still doesn't move).

Me: Ethan. Mommy is saying goodnight to Grayson. They will only be here one more day. Now put on you jams so you and I can snuggle.

Why do I find myself feeling like I've been caught red-handed? Is it the grunts? The lower lip? The fact my baby has caught me with someone else's baby treating him like my baby?

Ethan: (grunts).

Me: Ethan!

Ethan grunts and slowly moves away from the door until he disappears.

A few moments later, he appears in the doorway again with his undies on. I give Grayson one last kiss, jump up and lead Ethan into my room.

Me: Ethan. Are you upset about something?

Ethan: No! (loudly).

Me: Oh! Of course not. You are just crabby.

Ethan: No I'm not! I'm not crabby!

Me: Oh sure. No. You are not crabby.

Ethan: (grunts).

Me: So why do you look so angry.

Ethan: I'm not angry!

Me: Oh. Okay - you are not angry.

long pause

I tuck him under my covers and wrap my arms around him.

Me: (whispering) You know Ethan? You will always be mommy's baby.


Ethan: (whispering) Okay.


Ethan: I love you mom.

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