Saturday, January 9, 2010

He's my baby!

Tonight, I manage to wedge myself next to (more like on) Paul who is sitting a large armchair that we have in front of the fireplace.

Paul: Where were you?

Me: Watching Harry Potter with Evan, Zayd and Ethan.

Paul: Hmm. How was that?

Me: I don't know what the heck is going on. Between the British accents and all the ghosts, and the teachers and stuff... I really don't get it.

Paul: Haven't you read the books?

Me: No. I don't really want to either. It probably didn't help that we watched the third one and I don't remember seeing the first one. I probably never saw the second one...

Paul: So did you know Ethan tried to bite Zayd?

Me: No. Where?

Paul: Zayd was on the computer.

Me: No, I mean where did Ethan try to bite him?

Paul: Oh... on the arm.

Me: Oh! Pooorrrr Ethan!

Paul: What?! What do you mean poor Ethan!?

Me: Wellll... I just feel bad for him... he wanted to be on the computer probably!

Paul: Najla! (laughing)

Me: What?

Paul: Pooorr Ethan? He tried to bite his brother!

Me: I know.

Paul: So when someone tells us Ethan has tried to murder someone you're going to say "Poooor Ethan?"


Me: Well...

Paul: Najla!

Me: I know! I know! It's just... he's my baby!

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