Friday, January 8, 2010

I live...

I live in a sitcom

with five strong personalities - not including myself -

with a lot of laughter and communication and understanding.

I live in a house of listeners, talkers and storytellers

Feelers and thinkers

Jokesters, laughers, criers, yellers

and whiners.

I live with boys who aren't afraid

to be who they are

to argue with their parents

to tell us stuff

to hide stuff

to be open-minded

to feel hurt and joy

to hug and kiss their mom

to say I love you

to love

and probably more importantly, to be loved.

I live with boys who see their parents

hug and kiss each other in the kitchen

goof off

look into each other's eyes

cuddle while watching television in bed

go out on dates

take time to talk each night

enjoy each other's company

and get mad - loudly.

I live with boys who keep me honest, and make me into something better than I was.

I live in utter amazement that these boys came from my deep love with my husband

I live with men who I know in my heart will be wonderful partners to someone someday

who will know what it means to love and hurt deeply.

I live with men who will surround me with love as I grow old.

It's messy and loud and chaotic and frustrating...


I live fully.


  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Your blog provides me with inspiration, laughter, and joy.

  2. That is among the most beautiful and inspiring things I've heard in a long time. Brava.